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Factory Images
Factory Images

Aluminum Alloy Frame Factroy

Our aluminum alloy factory covers an area of approximately 15,000 square meters and has more than 200 employees. We have 74 welding machines, 30 hydraulic machines, 15 punching machines, 13 drilling machines, and 2 sets of T4 T6 thermal reactors each year. Production of more than 500,000 vehicles.
Aluminum alloy tube
Aluminum alloy pipe raw materials
Raw materials, untreated.


 Aluminum alloy pipe processing
Stamping, bending, drilling, expansion.


Frame Welding line Four
Frame and cable seat welding

Aluminum alloy tube
Frame polishing

 T4 T6 Heat treatment reinforcement

bicycle frame Hanging warehouse

Frame Painting and Decals








Assembly Production Factory

Our factory has a maximum annual production of more than 5 million. Our assembly plant has four 18-meter assembly production lines, four 48-meter assembly production lines, and four packaging machines. 4 coding machines. There are also equipment such as automatic wheel-tuning machines, calibration machines, air compressors, and fully automatic inflators.

Pre-installed production line

 Assembly line

Automatic wheel correction


Headset assembly

 Wheel and brake cable


Tires Hanging Line


Packing machine and packing line

 Packed into the box

Product Warehouse
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